Train Station Taxis?

Do I need to book my taxi at Farnborough Main or North Train Stations? 


We strongly suggest to book your taxi service when traveling to or from Farnborough Main Train Station or Farnborough North train station, oftentimes, there is no taxi driver at the taxi rank in Farnborough Main and there is no taxi rank at Farnborough North Train stations leaving you waiting, do you want to secure your taxi prior arrival? Why don't you call our taxi number 01252 220147 in advance and you will be met by our taxi driver on time.


Oftentimes, we plan so tight that we are rushing to go to either of these train stations, to the point that we want our taxi driver to rush for us.  Booking your taxi in Farnborough to Gatwick airport could be very simple, just e-mail or call us!

Farnborough MAIN Train Station

The full postal address of Farnborough Main Train Station is:

Farnborough (Main) station, Farnborough Road, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 7NL

If you are going to meet your taxi driver in this station, turn left the soonest you come out of the main ticketing hall, look for Cafe Destino at the far left side. There is a building on the left called Spectrum, please wait for your driver there. If the weather is bad, stay inside the ticketing hall and your driver will be in touch with you.

Farnborough NORTH Train Station

The full postal address of the station is:

Farnborough Street, Farnborough Green, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 2PL

Farnborough North train station is a small station, it's dark and secluded and we do not recommend you waiting, do not be alarm, simply because, there's no shelter in this station, in a bad weather, it's not nice to wait for your taxi. The simple solution is to book your taxi in advance to avoid waiting.  Please note that the train service is not usually 100% reliable so plan ahead and give yourself an allowance when travelling.

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"El conductor comunicó con antelación el servicio de taxis desde la estación de tren principal de Farnborough, nos informó los detalles del automóvil y del conductor que hicieron el viaje fácil y altamente confiable, considerando que vine de España."

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S. Banafi October 10th, 2012 at 1:31

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