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Meet & Greet - Airport Taxi Service

if you booked at Farnboroughtaxicabs, you will receive a confirmation and we will communicate with you a day before your scheduled pick-up or if it's an urgent booking requirement, we aim to contact you within five minutes, otherwise, relax and rest assured that we are looking in your taxi requirements.

Farnborough Taxi Online provides a  hassle-free taxi management meet and greet system, it  takes a lot of effort, cross-checking, follow-ups, attention to details and a general concern in the welfare of our clients - YOU.  We are very good in what we do.  Our standards are very high.  Highly reliable and customer centred.

The success of Farnborough Taxi Online needs the co-operation of our clients by:

  1. Keeping our contact number or making sure that the battery of the cellphone is charged.

  2. Turning on the mobile phone once landed so that our chauffeur could establish communication

  3. Communicating with us for any delays either from the point of departure or immigration procedures

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E-mail us at  or use our online taxi booking form

Click here if you want to read the frequently asked questions and our answers (FAQ's)

Meeting Areas


Heathrow airport terminal 1 - your taxi chauffeur will be standing in front of airport information area
Heathrow airport terminal 3 - your  taxi chauffeur will be in front of  WHSmith store
Heathrow airport terminal 4 - your taxi chauffeur will be at Costa Coffee shop
Heathrow airport terminal 5- your taxi chauffeur will be at Costa Coffee shop

Gatwick airport North terminal - your taxi chauffeur will be at Costa Coffee shop
Gatwick airport South terminal - your taxi chauffeur will be at Costa Coffee shop

Farnborough Taxi Online EMERGENCY number will be included in our booking confirmation.
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