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This is a page for QUOTATION REQUESTS ONLY for taxi, chauffeur, and airport transfers services.  There is a separate page if you want to book your taxi now.

WE APPRECIATE IF YOU CAN REPLY TO THE QUOTE YOU REQUESTED, we are here to look after your transfer service requirements.

Farnborough Taxi Online is a web marketing portal of the award winning DINEZ Taxis and Airport Transfers 

By continuing to engage with us via e-mail, phone and other means, you gave us consent to use your informations, these informations will be use to process your request, our website is SSL protected and we do not give or consent other parties to use your data except for selected, vetted and licensed third-party drivers whom we used in certain instances.

Save up to 35% 

We will find you the cheapest airport transfers with our verified partners!

Over 500,000 transfers 

We continue to get customers to and from the airport on time!

24/7 Customer Support 

We are always available to help you with your transfer

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