'OK Google, Find me a taxi service in Farnborough!'

'OK Google, find me a taxi service in Farnborough'!

Ha! Ha! Have you ever thought of using your mobile phone or iPAD to find a taxi service in Farnborough using Google voice?  It's brilliant!  Try saying 'Find a Taxi service in Farnborough" and you will be surprised at how the technology is improving each day. Would you rather ring the phone 01252 220147 instead?

What is the voice search command to find a taxi service in Farnborough?

This voice search is already running many years ago, it just needs a proper voice command for the search to be executed. 

Want to find a local taxi service in Farnborough?  Say "OK Google, Find a local taxi service in Farnborough"

Want to find an airport transfer service from Farnborough to Heathrow? Say, "OK Google, search for an airport taxi service from Farnborough to Heathrow airport".

What other search terms you could use on voice command when finding a taxi in Farnborough?

The voice search terms that people usually uses are the following:

  • "Hey Google, find a taxi company near me"

  • "Hey Google, get a taxi number in Farnborough"

  • "Hey Google, what is the nearest taxi near me?"

  • "Hey Google, find a list of taxi providers in Farnborough"

  • "Hey Google, who is the best taxi service in Farnborough?"

There will be numerous ways of searching almost anything and oh boy! You will be happy to see the results from Google.

You see, Google is now heading towards voice activation technology, what you say in Google will give you the closest result and it's just by using your voice.  It's like an assistant in your fingertips.

Say 'OK Google, who is better, Siri or you?  Let us know the result please, call us at 01252 220147 and we'll give you a discount.

Ha! Ha! "OK Google, who will be our first caller?"