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Where are the locations of Farnborough Taxi Online?

Locations of taxi services


The locations where Farnborough Taxi Online Operates are in Ash, Ash Vale, Aldershot, Farnborough, Farnham, Fleet, Tongham and Normandy (GU3).  Wherever you are, call 01252 220147 or type "Farnborough Taxi Online" in Google.  It's best to book your taxi service in advance as it may take from 10 to 15 minutes before your taxi arrives specially during rush hours.  We suggest to opt for a fixed taxi fare booking rather than on metered taxi as it will be cheaper, taxi fares using meter will always be expensive as it runs whilst on traffic, any delays or diversions. The taxi meter changes its' fare depending on the hours within the day and which day you will travel.  Week-end taxi tariff is usually high than Monday to Friday.  The fare tariff changes at 0700 hours, 1800 hours and 2300 hours.

Aldershot, GU11 / GU12, Hampshire

Taxi service is within the postcodes GU11 and GU12, it covers Ash, , Ash Green, Ash Manor, Ash Parish, Ash Wharf and Ash Vale, book your taxi service from the train stations, going for an appointment in either dental or hospital, if you are going to TESCO or Morrisons Grocery stores, St. Omer Barracks, Lillie Barracks, Army Stadium, Aldershot Crematorium, Aldershot Football club or if you are going to Guildford, Farnham, Propaganda in Fleet, Potters Hotel or Camberley, we will be there for you on time, better book your taxi in advance to avoid disappointment as we are a very busy taxi company.  Taxi fares could be on metered or fixed fare.

Farnborough, GU14, Hampshire

There are new businessess sprouting in Farnborough, GU14 these days, like Seneos, Aetna, FLUOR, Arrow, Time Inc, Redhat, RBS which are located in Farnborough Business Park, these are located near 200 / 250 Fowler Avenue, 25 Templer Avenue, Pinehurst I and II or within The Hub and Gulfstream inside Farnborough Airport. There are events at Farnborough Exhibition and Convention area (FIVE) that makes Farnborough busy. And with the frequent flights at Farnborough Airport, more and more chauffeur service is required in TAG Aviation.

Farnham, GU9 / GU10, Surrey

There are always in need of a taxi service in Farnham, Surrey (GU9/GU10) specially at night time during week-ends. Try to search for "Dinez Taxis' in Google so that you could plan your journey ahead of time.

Fleet, GU51 / GU52

We are now getting popular in Fleet (GU51) and as far as Harley Wintney and Gibraltar barracks, we are getting taxi requests. A taxi service from Fleet to Heathrow airport Terminal 5 would cost a reasonable taxi fare of from £55 depending on the time or the day. There is a taxi rank opposite Moomoo Clubrooms in Fleet and Propaganda. There are also many restaurants within Fleet town centre so, book your taxi now if you are going to any hotel accomodations in Fleet.

Farnborough Taxi Online offers local taxis, cabs, minicabs in the areas of Aldershot, Ash Vale, Farnham, Farnborough and Fleet.

Executive saloon and MPVs at the tarmac of Farnborough Airport
CLIENT REVIEWS - Farnborough Taxi Online

Wherever you are, Farnborough Taxi Online could provide a taxi service from Aldershot, Ash Vale, Farnham, Farnborough and Fleet, read the taxi reviews of the passengers

Product details:

  • Type of Taxi Service: Airport Taxi Service (Heathrow/Gatwick)

  • SKU: Taxi Service

  • Price: from £55

  • Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars (257 ratings)

"Comfortable and reliable taxi service, the series of communications from them made the whole trip seamless and relax"

Rating: 5

Johhny D. July 25th, 2016 at 11:22

Review for:Taxi from Fleet to Heathrow

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